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The Wine Is Well Packed And Wonderful
Jun 22, 2018

Wine, which has a long history in China, has become an indispensable fashion drink in public life, especially in today's increasingly pursuit of life taste. Wine packaging is not only a direct and vivid expression of Chinese wine culture, but also an important means to realize the appreciation of wine products and promote the sales of wine products. With the rapid development of China's wine industry and the gradual improvement of science and technology, the modern blank gift box wine packaging is presenting its unique splendor in a more brand-new manner.

the diversification of anti-counterfeiting means. As a kind of high value consumer goods, liquor products are always affected by the social undercurrent of counterfeiting and counterfeiting, which leads to the indiscriminate spread of fake alcohol in the consumer market. To curb illegal traders seek more illegal interests in the wine packaging, anti-counterfeiting means of the modern wine packaging are spread toward the direction of diversification, cost saving, such as destructive packaging anti-counterfeiting, special packaging open wire anti-counterfeiting means such as security, version of the grain security, the lock, contact wiring anti-counterfeiting means such as anti-counterfeiting terminal identification, etc. In addition, the versatile birthday gift boxes with LIDS box structure, advanced post-printing technology is also an effective tool to increase the anti-counterfeiting effect.

Second, the improvement of printing level. Modern wine packaging and printing is an advancing with The Times, fusion of the combination of a variety of printing process printing system, it is tradition for offset, gravure, screen printing, the advantages of flexo also innovation to use the new printing digital printing, three-dimensional printing, etc. At the same time, some also in wine packaging printing technology in application of continuous development and improvement, such as using UV screen printing ink screen printing technology, special gloss printing


technology can present special luster, once there are many kinds of color printing multicolor printing technology etc.
Third, packaging material innovation. At present, in addition to the white board paper, white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper, the four major paper colorful boxes of wine packaging substrates, the traditional gold and silver cardboard, laser paper, aluminized paper, specialty paper and other new materials are also beginning to get promotion and application in the wine packaging. And safer, lighter, transport more convenient PET bottles are glass bottles, metal cans of beer filling containers such as market share, and is through a variety of key


technologies constantly optimize the blocking performance, in order to promote the commercialization process.
In today's rapid economic development, wine packaging through continuous innovation and development of deep interpretation of its cultural value and commodity value and value of sustainable development, and brilliant wine culture in China will be on the carrier of wine packaging go down!

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