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Trademark Printing Factory UV Ink Printing, You Must Pay Attention To The 4 Major Points
Apr 03, 2018
1.UV Light Source: UV Flexo Printing Each color group must be equipped with ultraviolet light source. Different colors of UV flexo printing ink absorption of ultraviolet radiation ability, for example, yellow and magenta absorption capacity is low, easy to cure dry, and blue and black absorption of ultraviolet light ability, not easy to dry, can be distributed according to the different colors of UV lamp power to reasonable arrangement of printing color sequence to ensure that all colors of UV ink reasonable drying, It can also save energy. To pay attention to UV light aging, timely replacement of ultraviolet lamp, to prevent the curing is not complete, resulting in adhesion.
Ultraviolet lamp general life of 1000h, frequent start-up will significantly shorten the life of the lamp.
2. Anilox Roller: The use of UV flexo printing inks, anilox roller cable angle preferably in 30° or 60° below for several commonly used ceramic Anilox Roller:
200-line 9.5~11.0BCM roller can be printed on the field pattern opaque
360 Line 4.5~6.5BCM Roller can be printed field and line pattern
550 Line 3.0BCM Anilox Roller can be printed continuously image products
650 line 2.5BCM Anilox Roller can be printed continuously image products
800 line 2.0BCM Anilox Roller can be printed fine continuous image products
3. Rubber Roller:
Cots must be able to resist ultraviolet ink commonly used rubber rollers are generally made of EPDM rubber (EPDM) or silicone rubber.
4. Plate Material: Although the current use of FLEXO printing plate can be used for UV flexo printing inks, but it is best to choose the UV ink better version of the plate. For example DuPont's UVP-67 type plate and so on.

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