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Traditional Printing Companies Have Infiltrated The Digital Printing Field, But They Are Still Distinct From Digital Printing Companies.
Dec 07, 2018

Throughout the digital printing market in Shenzhen, the traditional printing enterprises can not be ignored. For example, the national color figures mentioned in the article are a company with more than 20 years of traditional printing experience. For this reason, the national color figures may be more in digital printing operations. Or less traditional printing thinking, such as strict management of image quality, providing customers with one-stop printing solutions from prepress design to printing to postpress processing. In addition, some strong traditional printing companies have also shown strong competitiveness in the field of digital printing, by introducing high-end digital printing equipment, or to meet their own proofing, short-run business needs, or to explore the advantages of digital printing. A business model that combines with traditional print mass production.

In addition, unlike other printing and developed regions such as Beijing, traditional printing companies and digital printing companies are increasingly close and deeper. Shenzhen's traditional printing companies and digital printing companies are still in their own development, or digital printing companies only help traditional printing. The state of shallow cooperation in proofing. For this feature, a digital printing enterprise operator believes that "the strength of Shenzhen traditional printing enterprises, especially in the strength of the printing version, also restricts the integration and cooperation of the two."

Generally speaking, traditional printing companies have innate conditions to enter the digital printing field, because they have many years of customer resources, industry management experience, proficient in prepress and postpress processing, and also have a certain initial capital accumulation and financing basis, some For large digital printing companies, "big" equipment may be a "small" investment for traditional printing companies. Therefore, in order to break through the limitations of traditional printing low-cost, industrial production, traditional printing companies often choose to introduce digital printing equipment.

In addition, some traditional printing companies in the professional segment of packaging and other areas of the introduction of digital printing equipment, one of the important reasons is that the quality of digital printing companies can not meet their needs. According to a package printing company, the production process of packaging and printing is usually produced after proofing. In today's diversified industry background, there are more and more product styles, and the number of each sheet is decreasing. In this case, offset proofing Work becomes more cumbersome and costly, and it is a waste of resources. In view of the demanding pursuit of product quality by packaging companies, the printing quality of affordable digital printing equipment usually cannot meet the requirements of packaging products, so it is only possible to introduce high-end digital printing by itself. Equipment, began to try to replace traditional offset proofing with digital proofing.

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