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Transforming High-end Packaging Printing
Dec 06, 2018

There is a ceiling in the bill printing market, and the prospects for the book printing market are unclear. So, what is the market suitable for the future development of printing companies?

After repeated market research and discussions with printing peers, Jinguan Technology found that no matter how the printing market changes, people's demand for packaging products is continuous.

The transformation direction was finalized. How to position the product? Jinguan Technology found that there were many domestic packaging and printing companies, but the quality of the products provided was not satisfactory. Many customers said that these packaging and printing companies could not meet their demand for high-end packaging. Unable to cooperate with them for product upgrades. Therefore, Golden Crown Technology has defined the main business development direction, namely high-end packaging printing.

For Jinguan Technology, packaging and printing is a brand new field, and the challenges are not small, but it is still facing difficulties. It has invested tens of millions of yuan to introduce Heidelberg and KBA's most advanced packaging and printing equipment, and attract high-end packaging. Talents join, at the same time, the anti-counterfeiting technology and management experience in the past anti-counterfeiting bill printing are fully applied in the technical operation and management of the packaging and printing field, and an integrated solution for anti-counterfeiting packaging is proposed. In the end, Jinguan Technology's products have been recognized by the market and quickly occupied the high-end packaging and printing market in a short period of time.

Today, packaging printing has become the main source of business for Golden Crown Technology. By 2013, Jinguan Technology's industrial scale has exceeded 100 million yuan, and its net profit has reached more than 14 million yuan. It has become a leading enterprise in high-end packaging and printing in Guangzhou.

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