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Treatment Of Printing Waste In Shenzhen Printing Plant
Apr 03, 2018

    Treatment of printing waste in Shenzhen printing plant With the constantly enhancement of environmental awareness, the processing of printing waste has been paid more and more attention. Most of China's printing plants are concentrated in relatively developed cities, waste cleaning and processing costs are high, but the waste to the urban structure for serious pollution, so the EPA requires the printing industry must be reduced waste, must deal with, this gives the printing industry poses a dilemma scene. To solve the problem of waste disposal, first of all, we must reduce the waste at the source, then according to the characteristics of printing industry waste, do a good job of recovery and receiving processing.

  The other can establish a joint waste disposal system, using the funds and costs of each other, or jointly funded the construction or use of waste treatment plant, to solve the problem of environmental protection and waste reduction. Most of China's printing enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises, and many are located in the urban areas, on the one hand to deal with purification and prevention of the voluntary and ability is significantly inadequate.

  On the other hand, the amount of waste less, the ability to deal with is absolutely weak, and waste combination processing system in the printing industry to reduce waste in the application can handle these needs. The Waste combination processing system can be divided into two kinds: the combination processing system and the combined processing system. A processing plant, in conjunction with an investment in a printing workshop with the same waste, is responsible for handling the printing industry waste produced by the enterprise. Another for the combination of processing systems, by the occurrence of similar waste printing enterprises with the society has the capacity of waste management enterprises, with investment treatment plant, specializing in the processing of printing industry waste. ...

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