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Trends In Packaging Foil Printing Trends In Packaging Foil Printing Industry In The Next Year
- May 23, 2018 -

Recently, the printing company in Guangzhou learned of the analysis and prediction report of the global packaging trend of the British Mintel Market Research and Consulting Company, “2018 Global Packaging Market Development Trends”. The report presents five trends that cover a variety of topics and consumer needs.

One: The concept of consumption needs to be cultivated


In 2018, sustainable development has become one of the most concerned packaging issues for consumers. Consumers will begin to understand the role of product packaging in sustainable development, especially its role in food preservation.


II: Internet consumption is affected


In 2018, product packaging will have a huge impact on online shopping growth. E-commerce brands can take some measures to ensure that consumers can physically interact with products in physical stores, and will not be lost in the current online shopping environment.


Three: The importance of ocean change


    The Guangzhou printing factory learned that the report believes that the third trend of packaging industry development in 2018 is ocean change. This is because consumers are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental protection. One of the main reasons for this awareness is the damage of plastic pollution to the ocean. According to research conducted by Mintel, those brands that use recycled plastics from the sea in packaging, or brands that say they are trying to reduce packaging waste into the sea, can win the trust of the market.


Four: At the time of minimalism


In an environment of fierce market competition, brand owners may think that providing high-quality product packaging is the best way to catch the eye of consumers, thus providing consumers with as much product information as possible on the packaging. This strategy has been Proved to be negative.


V: Modern design recovery


Surveys show that the current consumption of young consumers in physical stores such as shopping malls, such as the decline in the frequency, they prefer to stroll around the shopping area, such as the sale of fresh frozen food aisles.


Therefore, if transparent materials, modern designs, recyclability, or uniquely shaped elements are applied to the packaging to refresh the brand image and express the health attributes of the products, these young consumers may be attracted back to the mall's physical stores.


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