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Understand Of The Green Packaging Gift Box Carton Printing Plant To Understand The Green Packaging
May 10, 2018

Green packaging plays an increasingly important role in market sales. Under the environment of environmental protection, green packaging has strong vitality and competitiveness in the international and international markets.

  1, the definition of green packaging

  After years of development, people have a universal definition of green packaging, that is, “green packaging” refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be reused and recycled, and can promote the sustainable development of the national economy.

  2, the connotation of green packaging

  According to the concept of “sustainable human development,” the ideal green packaging should have the following three basic conditions in addition to the general characteristics of packaging (protecting goods, facilitating the storage and transportation of goods, and promoting the sale of goods): Safety and health, environmental protection and resource conservation.

  (1) Safety and health

  Safety and health, here refers to the use of packaging materials must not be toxic to human health, in line with the relevant health standards. Different commodities have different requirements for the safety and health performance of packaging materials. Safety and health performances are of special significance for products such as foods and medicines.

  (2) Environmental Protection

  Environmental protection refers to the adaptability of packaging to environmental protection. Carton printing plants, ie packaging materials, and their production processes must be compatible with the needs of environmental protection (requirements for packaging materials to start from the acquisition of raw materials, to the production, processing, use, and use of packaging materials. In the entire process of waste disposal, all have good adaptability to environmental protection and do not harm the environment.)

  (3) Save resources

  Saving resources mainly means saving materials and energy. Of course, from a deep level, there are still problems in saving human resources.

  Safety and health are essential to protect people's health. Environmental protection and conservation of resources are therefore necessary measures to benefit the present and benefit the children and grandchildren. Therefore, we can clearly say that if a package has the above three basic conditions, it is a green package. On the contrary, if the carton printing plant does not have or does not fully meet the above three basic conditions, it cannot be called a green package.

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