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Understand These Ten Guidelines And Make Business Cards Without Worry!
Jan 12, 2019

Let the Xianglee Shenzhen packaging custom manufacturers take everyone to understand the ten criteria for making business cards.

First, the color mode

1. RGB color mode is a color standard in the industry. It is obtained by changing the three color channels of red (R), green (G), and blue (B) and superimposing them on each other. The color of RGB is the color of the three channels of red, green and blue. This standard includes almost all the colors that human vision can perceive. It is one of the most widely used color systems.

2, CMYK is also known as the printing color mode, as the name suggests is used for printing. CMYK stands for four colors used in printing, C stands for Cyan, M stands for Magenta, Y stands for Yellow, and K stands for Black.

3, the two modes will have a certain color difference after conversion, and must be CMYK mode when printing.

Second, the paper thickness

Gram weight, (more grams, thicker paper)

Common coated paper paper weights are:

105g, 128g, 157g (for single page, folding)

200g, 250g (for albums, film folding)

300g (for business cards, card coupons)

The thickness of the PVC business card is mostly 0.38mm. Correspondingly, the thickness of the PVC membership card is 0.76mm.

Third, the size specifications

1. Standard size of business card: 90mmX54mm, 90mmX50mm. However, plus 1 mm of bleeding up and down, the production size must be set to: 92 x 56 mm, 92 mm X 52 mm.

2, if your finished product size exceeds the size of a business card, please indicate the correct size you want, up and down and left and right also 1mm of bleeding

3, need to pay attention: PVC business card standard size is 85.5 * 54mm, bleeding is 1.5mm.

Fourth, text and graphics

1. There will be errors in the cutting process, and the effective text content should be at least 3mm safe distance from the boundary.

2, black text will always use single black, gray will use single gray.

3. For easy reading and clear printing, it is recommended that the font size should not be smaller than the 6th word.

4, Song style fonts are not suitable for smaller text, horizontal strokes are not obvious.

5, all input or self-draw line color block and other graphics, the thickness of the wire frame should not be less than 0.1mm, otherwise the printed product will be broken or unable to be presented.

6, please try not to set the upper and lower or left and right side of the lace, due to the error in cutting, can not guarantee the four sides of the symmetry.

Five, color

1. In the printing process, the background color of the coated paper is black, and the color value is: C30 K100.

2, the total color value of the background color should not exceed 230%, especially the business card without film, may cause adhesion, dirty version, color cast and so on.

3. If the coated paper is not coated, the special paper business card is not recommended to have a background color with a large area of color. After printing, there may be a phenomenon that the edge falls off the powder, or the color is stained to the adjacent layout.

4, the color setting value can not be lower than 8%, so as not to show the color.

5, fast printing paper, ink and printing paper, ink is different, under the same production file, the color of the printed color will be different from the printed color (fast printing color is relatively deep), resulting in Returns are not accepted.

Six, design documents

1. A normal printed business card can provide a picture file with a picture resolution of 300 pixels/inch.

2, bronzing, embossing, hollowing, smashing and other special processes need to provide source files, the location of special technology needs to provide vector graphics or text (AI / EPS / CDR), pay attention to the text must be rotated, so as not to output when making plates Garbled characters due to the lack of fonts.

Seven, special crafts

Commonly used processes include rounded corners, hot stamping/hot silver, spot color gold/special silver, embossing, embossing, die cutting, crystal UV, etc., often used in the production of high-end business cards with special paper.

Note: The paper business card defaults to a right-angled finished product, and the PVC business card defaults to a rounded finished product.

Eight, construction period

Usually, the date is fixed before 18:00, the shipping period of the coated paper business card is 1-2 days from the next day, the special paper has no post-work business card for 3 days, and the special craft special paper business card is 5-7 days. 0.38mm PVC business card has no post-work for 3 days, special craft PVC business card for at least 7 days.

Nine, color difference

1. There is a color difference between the display and the printed product, which is caused by two different display modes and is not a printing problem.

2, ordinary coated paper business card printing has a color difference of no more than 10%.

3, the special paper and PVC business card color difference will be larger than the coated paper, especially the pearl slip shadow, kraft paper and other special paper business cards with a background color.

4, the same layout, different batches of products will have color difference.

5, the same batch, the same plate type may also appear tiny color difference.

6, the same color on the back, there may be color differences.

7. Avoid using colors or templates that are extremely easy to color, such as purple, dark blue, orange, brown, metallic, gradient, and so on.

8, imposition printing is cheap, cost-effective, regular business cards are imposition printing, the above conditions are normal, will not be returned.

9. If there is strict requirement for the color of the business card, please explain with the staff of Xiangli Dongguan Printing Factory or request to make a special edition business card.

Ten, dirty version

1. In non-coated business cards, the color value of the large-area background color is too large, and it is easy to produce a sticker.

2. The non-coated business card uses a large-area color background color or a large-area color block at the edge. After printing, there may be a phenomenon of falling off the edge or smearing the adjacent layout.

3, there may be some ink spots in the business card printing, no more than 1mm is a normal category. More than 1mm contact customer service to replace.

4. If there are strict requirements on the business card layout, please explain with the staff of Xiangli Guangdong packing box or request to make a special edition business card.

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