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United States And India Group Label Industry Interconnection Road
- May 29, 2018 -

China began accessing the Internet in 1994 and started to develop the Internet in 1995. During these 20 years, it was mainly the development of the consumer Internet. Now that user growth and traffic dividends have passed, the consumer Internet is beginning to encounter growth bottlenecks, and the impact of the Internet on the industry is becoming increasingly prominent. Internet entities have gradually penetrated into the enterprise and the entire industry chain and the entire life cycle, and the industrial Internet era has arrived.

Label Industry Interconnections

The application of labels is extremely strong. The “one item, one yard” label, RFID label, and NFC label can be applied to the traceability, sales, and supervision of products such as food, medicine, and chemical products, and a small label is used. In between, it can develop a rich world. Especially in the context of the Internet of Things, labels will emerge first. In the future, the packaging industry will roll along with the pulse of the labeling industry. It is by no means a packaging-driven label, and the industry is interconnected. The label has a unique advantage.

In the traditional label manufacturing industry, there are many opaque operating behaviors. Orders are not transparent, and even some subtle rules have formed a consensus on the industry. However, after the Internet, the rules of the game have changed, and the Internet is fair. It eliminates information asymmetry and gives us a fair and transparent environment. In addition, the services of the label industry are difficult to really guarantee, because many of the label products are customized non-standard products. For these products, it is difficult to have standard service specifications, but if you find the commonalities through the Internet, and through the operating body Involving in online and offline monitoring of production, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and other online and offline links to form a closed loop can help companies get real service protection. Industrial interconnection is essential for the label industry.

U.S. and India's Mission Standard Promotes Industrial Upgrade

From October 2015, the US-India Group Standard Network project was established. By July 2016, the Industrial Internet + Platform Strategy was basically formed. Then, in March 2017, the US-India Group Standard Network officially went online, and the label industry interconnection began slowly. . So, what exactly is the US-India group label for the Industrial Internet + Platform?

The United States, India and the United States is the label industry B2B2C e-commerce trading platform, the United States and India Group has a professional platform to receive orders, the end user will send the required label needs to the US-India group standard network, the United States and India group received orders, The label order is then distributed to the corresponding label printing company for printing. The order receiving platform adds a series of technical innovations such as anti-counterfeit and traceability, which helps the end user to understand the product sales situation in real time. The use of platform cross-border resources to introduce end-users, and at the same time rely on system standardization functions to achieve online orders for labels, help label enterprises to open up new markets. At the same time, the United States and India Group of Standards Network can provide standard O2O services, Offline to Online, the traditional offline business to bring online to complete the online information flow and capital flow services through the online system for inquiry , consulting, ordering, payment, and the line responsible for product after-sales service and technical program support, truly integrated the online and offline resources. At the same time, combined with the online quotation system, split orders to achieve the production, manufacturing, sales of a complete ecological chain of low-cost operations and zero inventory.

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