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UV Printing, How Much Do You Know?
Jan 12, 2019

Shenzhen packaging can not be separated from UV printing, UV printing to increase product brightness and artistic effects, protect the surface of the product, its hardness, corrosion resistance, scratches and so on.

Xianglee Dongguan Printing Factory tells you that you have to pay attention to the following things when you are engaged in UV printing:

1. How do you know if the ink or varnish is dry?

2. How much UV energy does it take to dry?

3. How to measure?

If you start your head with a boring head, you won’t call it.

1. UV ink or varnish is too dry or not dry, there will be various problems in the back; how to judge?

2. The energy of the UV lamp is widened, and the power consumption is amazing. If it is small and uncertain, how can it be decided?

3. Dry, how to measure? How much energy is just right? How much,

If it doesn't, it will not be printed.

The UV lamp turns on 80% of the output power, which is the energy intensity; how much ink and varnish on the substrate can be received, depending on several conditions:

1. The intensity of the lamp

2. The distance of the lamp

3. Reflector status

4. Printing speed

  If this does not understand, it is called chaotic printing.

1. Didn't dry out or overdo it, check with a hundred grid knife + tape + magnifying glass, the most effective

2. Measure the amount of UV actually received on the surface of the substrate with the correct energy sticker, the most accurate

3. Also know how to check: adhesion between ink + ink, varnish + ink, ink + substrate.

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