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Variable Data Printing Personality Photo Album Production Network-based Variable Data Printing System Design
Apr 29, 2018

With the development of digital printing skills, many Indian companies are satisfied with their requirements by customizing personalized e-mails, vouchers or other materials based on their individual needs, based on existing databases and user information. These prints have the same relevance and relevance, so they can cater to the interests of specific consumers. With the ever-changing capabilities of variable data printing, the professions and fields of its services are also expanding, and more and more people are beginning to bear such printing methods. Therefore, we should further discuss the capabilities of variable data printing technologies to maximize their advantages.

Network-based business model of variable data printing systems

The network-based variable data printing system is an e-commerce channel for printing services. Users can quickly and easily purchase printed materials on the channel; users interact directly with printing plants, and users can complete online orders, upload, and manage printed documents. Online inquiry, online payment, order stalking and other functions.

According to the network's variable data printing system, Taobao and other shopping websites operate in similar forms. However, due to the special nature of printing transactions, there are requirements for uploading documents, confirming proofing, and other aspects of the system structure.

According to the network of variable data printing detailed processes are:

1. Pick the desired product. After the user logs in to the system, he or she selects the appropriate product (such as a greeting card, a thorn, etc.) according to his/her needs, and clicks the product to set the order.

2. Fill in the information to generate the order. After the user selects the printed product, he fills in personal information and the system automatically generates an order.

3. Confirm the proofing. After the user submits an order, the demand continues to upload images and data, and the uploaded data is saved in the system database. The manager can view and generate visible page files from the back-end order processing, and the generated page needs are sent to the user. Confirm the proofing.

4. Payment. After confirming the proofing, the user pays the purchase price.

5. Print production and delivery. After the printing company receives the payment from the user, it prints and produces the product. After the printing product is finished, it is distributed according to the user's needs. The user can follow the order of the order on the Internet.

Existing system problems

Personal Album Production There are many printing companies that use this kind of system to conduct online transactions. However, due to the lack of understanding of user habits, there are still many problems in the system. The following are the major aspects:

1. Because the user does not understand the manufacturing process of the printed matter, he naturally has problems in the planning of printed products such as the scale and resolution that do not meet the printing requirements.

2. Some systems are designed for specific industries, such as banks, and cannot be used by consumers.

3. For some systems that can perform variable data completion on web pages, users need to fill in their own information materials online, but only one person's information can be filled at a time. Printing is usually one person printing multiple products. Not satisfied with the needs of customers who wish to print multiple types of variable data.

The field of application of variable data printing is gradually expanding, and now that Internet skills are developing rapidly, e-commerce has gradually become the selection trend for businesses and customers to conduct business trade. Therefore, it is necessary to establish a network-based variable data printing system to meet the needs of customers in more different industries.


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