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Waste Treatment Shenzhen Printing Factory Printing Waste Treatment
Apr 21, 2018

Shenzhen Printing Factory Printing Waste Treatment

      With the continued enhancement of environmental awareness, the status of printing waste disposal has received increasing attention. Most printing companies in China are concentrated in relatively economically developed cities. The cost of waste disposal and disposal is high. However, wastes pose serious pollution to the city. Therefore, the EPA requires that the printing industry must reduce waste and must deal with it. This gives printing. Industry constitutes a dilemma of the scene. To solve the problem of waste disposal, we must first reduce the waste at the source, and then according to the characteristics of the printing industry waste, do a good job of recycling and receiving processing. The rest may establish a joint waste disposal system, utilize the funds and costs owned by each manufacturer, or jointly fund the construction or use of waste treatment plants to solve the problem of environmental protection and waste reduction.

      Most of the printing companies in China are small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of them are located in urban areas. On the one hand, they are not enough to deal with the ambition and ability to handle purification and prevention. On the other hand, the amount of waste is small and the capacity of processing itself is absolutely weak, and the application of the waste combined treatment system in the waste reduction of the printing industry can handle these needs.

       The waste combination treatment system can be divided into two types: a combination treatment system and a combined treatment system. In order to cooperate with the processing system, a printing factory with the same wastes will invest in setting up a processing plant, which will be responsible for the processing of waste generated by the printing industry. The other type is a combination processing system, which combines a printing company that produces the same type of waste with a company that has a waste disposal capability in the society, and cooperates with an investment processing plant to deal specifically with printing industry waste.

       Through the establishment of waste combined treatment system, we can truly deal with the root causes of persecution and intractable waste. For example, the recovery and disposal of waste ink and ink tanks, the discharge and recovery of waste developer and waste water, the recovery and disposal of solvents, and the cleaning and burning of mechanical wipes and ink waste rags. China is now striving to fulfill its continuous development strategy. It is imperative to promote waste joint processing systems in the printing industry.

       To minimize losses, the most useful method is to prevent waste in the first time. The reduction of waste can help companies reduce business costs, maintain environmental quality, reduce waste disposal costs, improve workplace hygiene and safety, reduce long-term liabilities, and demonstrate a superior corporate image.

       Before implementing the plan for waste reduction, the printing company's management department should establish a response mechanism and strengthen waste reduction management and guidance. We should try our best to adopt industrial production technologies that are pollution-free or low-pollution, improve the printing methods and process, and change the layout of raw materials and printed products so as to prevent wastes from reaching the ultimate goal of reducing purification.


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