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Waterless Offset Application Time Is Coming
- May 28, 2018 -

Waterless offset printing has been a development process for several decades. It is not a new technology. It was introduced into China as early as the early 1990s and has attracted widespread attention. However, it is not mature due to its immature technology and the cost of printing plates and inks is high. For other reasons, there has been no progress in its application in China. In recent years, with the advancement of waterless offset printing technology and people's increasing demand for green environmental protection and high quality printing products, waterless offset printing has ushered in a new vitality. Some leading domestic printing companies have begun to re-apply waterless offset printing technology. And achieved tangible benefits. So, what changes have taken place in the market of waterless offset printing? What new technological breakthroughs have been made? What are the problems to be solved? This article will answer these questions.

Waterless offset application receives much attention

Waterless offset printing has entered the attention of people in recent years due to its advantages of not using fountain solution, low VOC emissions, accurate overprinting, and exquisite printing quality, winning the attention of printing companies and suppliers.

From the point of view of printing companies, since 2005, some domestic printing companies have begun to apply waterless offset printing technology on traditional offset printing presses. These enterprises are again concerned about waterless offset printing technology mainly for two reasons. On the one hand, “green, environmental, and low-carbon” printing has become a trend. Especially in 2011, the “Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products Printed Part I: Lithographic Printing” standard was formally promulgated, and China has since entered a new era of green printing development. In this context, most of the domestic printing companies have adopted "green" as the criteria for corporate production, and waterless offset printing as a green environmental protection technology is naturally favored by printing companies. Dongguan Jinbei Printing Co., Ltd. has for a long time foreseen the trend of green printing. It started testing waterless offset printing technology in 1990. However, due to the high price of consumables at that time and the inability of the temperature control equipment of the ink roller, it was impossible to The water offset printing technology was promoted to daily production. Until 2006, in order to further improve the green production level of printing companies, the waterless offset printing technology was only officially used. At present, at least one third of the entire plant's offset presses use waterless offset printing. Technology can be described as the "pioneer" of domestic use of waterless offset printing technology; in response to the green call for environmental protection, China Business Printing (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. introduced waterless offset printing technology in 2008, mainly used in Komori double-sided printing presses and Heidelberg singles. On the two types of surface printing machines, after several tests, we have achieved certain results.

In addition to environmental protection factors, the use of waterless offset printing technology to open up the high-end printing market is another reason for printing companies to refocus waterless offset printing. Since waterless offset printing does not use fountain solution, it can obtain small dots and fine lines that can not be reproduced by water offset printing, and is more suitable for printing high-quality prints and high value-added printing on some special materials. Heshan Yatuoshi Printing Co., Ltd. introduced waterless offset printing technology in 2006. It is mainly used for printing high-line number prints and printing on louvers. Yachang Group began to apply waterless offset printing technology to high-end artworks in 2008. , specialty paper printing and so on.

From the supplier's point of view, more and more suppliers have also increased their focus on waterless offset technology and launched corresponding innovative products. For example, in the field of inks, Hanghua Ink Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Hanghua Ink”) has been debuting waterless and waterless offset UV inks in the ink industry since 2005, and launched “NewALPOSTK” in 2012. "Series waterless offset inks. In the field of plates, in 2012, Chengdu Xintu New Material Co., Ltd. began to cooperate with Toray Industries of Japan to sell new waterless offset printing plates nationwide and launched a free trial of waterless offset printing plates. In order to reduce the price of water-free offset printing plates, promote the application of this technology in China. However, we must admit that there are not many suppliers concerned with waterless offset printing technology because of market size constraints. However, these suppliers still started to see the dawn of the waterless offset printing project.

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