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What Are The Benefits Of Printing To Life?
Apr 03, 2018

 Life is inseparable from printing, we go to school reading books, is the best example, there are many manuals, self-adhesive label category. are indispensable to life, mention of printing, many people may think of a children's game: Use the dough to pinch a cube, with nails in a plane to underline the text or patterns, and then dip in ink or color ink, in white paper or calico "to achieve their own printing dream."

  The early exploration of literature copying by the ancients, as well as the engraving printing technique as the first printing technology, is only the amplification of this game. Before the engraving printing, the method of quick copy of the information is only the seal, or the paper affixed to the stone tablet for rubbing to get "rubbings". The seal text is clear, but the information capacity is small, the information capacity of the tablet is larger, but because the rubbings is white with black background, it is possible to see clearly.   

    So it was thought that by combining the two, the seal would be "magnified" as a woodcut engraving, and then the paper would be covered with a copy of the document in a similar way. Printing to promote the popularization of education and the promotion of knowledge, books cheap so that more people can obtain knowledge, thus affecting their outlook on life and world view. The popularization of books will increase the literacy rate of people, and in turn enlarge the demand of books. In addition, craftsmen from the early printing of the manual, advertising found that such printed print can be rich and famous. This improves their reading and writing skills.

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