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What Are The Procedures After Printing?
Jun 09, 2018

Printing process: pre-printing refers to the work of large gift boxes with LIDS, which generally refers to photography, design, production, typesetting, production, etc. In the middle of printing, the process of producing a finished product by a printing press. Post-printing refers to the post-printing work, which generally refers to the post-processing of printed matter, including cutting, film coating, die cutting, paste bags, mounting, etc., and is mainly used for publicity and packaging of printed matter.


Printing elements: paper: a lot of paper classification, generally divided into coated paper, non - coated paper. Coated paper generally refers to coated paper (glossy copper) and matte paper (matt copper), mostly used in color printing; Non-coated paper generally refers to offset paper, newsprint, used for the printing of letter paper, envelopes and newspapers. Color: usually printed matter is printed in yellow, magenta, green and black, and there are also printed spot colors.


Processing: after Christmas gift boxes with LIDS processing includes many technology, such as hot stamping, the convex, help to improve the grade of printed matter, cutting, production into the required size, but print edge in a straight line


Shape: the printing products can be made into any shape after passing through the tool die. Now the commonly used laser cutting machine can get the figure after the output of vector graph without the tool die.


Greasing: depending on the customer's different on paper glazing oil, matte oil, photoresist, matte glue, UV oil, blister oil


Hot stamping, bronzing is a whole, there are hot stamping paper is white, golden, silver (the three colors of the most commonly used) on dozens of color by zinc plate tipping paper hot press on paper.


Bump: some parts of the paper with zinc plate convex, more fine three-dimensional needs relief plate.


Screen printing: paper often use screen printing to highlight certain positions, such as the use of the thick screen printing ink for some characters with screen printing. Still have carry on local UV, brush on certain design golden green onion, plant velvet to wait. Silk-screen printing is the most expressive back process.


These are all greeting CARDS, extra large gift boxes with LIDS commonly used in some back processing. Gray cardboard commonly used to have a pair of mounted, dehumidifying, pressure paper. The book has brush glue line to install commonly, glue shape wait for craft.

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