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What Is The Promotion Speed Of Electronic Invoice Nibble Bill Printing Business?
Dec 06, 2018

On January 1, 2016, the “Administrative Measures for Accounting Archives” was implemented. The electronic invoices for value-added tax were promoted nationwide. The electronic files were included in the scope of accounting files, and the space for the electronic invoice industry was fully opened. The trend of a large loss of invoice printing business is becoming increasingly significant.

However, the implementation of electronic invoices is not a one-step process. At present, there are still several major problems in the implementation of electronic invoices: First, the relevant system for electronic invoices has not yet been determined; second, the current technical standards for upgraded electronic invoices. Still in development; third, the cloud platform for electronic invoicing has not been established. In other words, before the full promotion of electronic invoices, bill printing companies have the opportunity to seize the time to find new business growth points.

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