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Why Digital Printing Brand Ring Powder Self-adhesive Label Printing Factory Why Digital Printing Brand Ring Powder?
May 07, 2018

        In the new era of network development, commodity brands need fast and personalized promotional programs. The extremely fast efficiency of digital printing by trademark printing plants is in line with the fast pace of market brands. Digital printing files have good compatibility, easy operation, and greatly simplified process flow. They can meet the customer's delivery time more quickly, greatly save the printing time, and reduce part of the production cost. Brands can also reduce the amount of inventory they use for packaging, and as technology continues to improve, the quality of digital printing can be compared to traditional printing, and so many brands are actively seeking ways to create commercial value through digital printing.

        In the scope of digital packaging, the prosperity of the market has promoted the packaging industry and even the entire printing industry to open the article “The Future of Packaging and Digital Printing in 2018”. It points out that following the increase in the income of the population and the increase of consumer income in industrialized areas, consumers The demand continues to grow. In the more prosperous regions, the average family size is declining and the average number of prints has been reduced. The advantages of digital packaging have been better demonstrated and played, and the variable data capabilities of digital presses allow for type control and can satisfy consumers. Personalized requirements.

        Digital printing has now penetrated into various aspects of people's lives, and more and more brands have begun to prefer digital printing to print their labels, such as beer. The packaging of beer, especially its label, is often based on the style of the beer. Beer labels are generally black and printed on embossed or gold leaf linen substrates; fruit beer labels are generally white and are decorated with colorful fruit drawings. Now, these beautiful labels are printed using more affordable digital printing. For example, the "difficult to get bottled" U.S. deputy program beer printed its label on digital printing using a trademark printing factory. Every time this beer brewery, which is being sought after by the enthusiasts of beer, launches a new beer, its breweries and tasting rooms are filled with loyal collectors of rare beer bottles. Regarding consumers, the sub-proposal beer recruits them on the one hand because of its high quality. On the other hand, its unusual packaging, and most importantly, the exquisite small labels are also attractive spots.

    In 2018, the global printing industry has been surging, new technologies, new processes, and new materials have emerged, and new trends in the industry have been transmitted. It is believed that digital printing will bring greater progress and breakthroughs to the printing industry.

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