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Why Does The Printing Process Appear Irregular Indentation?
Jun 09, 2018

Pressure is uneven

In the process of fashion present box indentation, the following two types of pressure imbalance generally exist.


(1) slight imbalance. This may be due to the uneven distribution of indentation tool lines and the force of the moving platform during die cutting. At this point, a balanced cutter line should be added on the die cutting tool plate to make the moving platform even. Of course, it may also be influenced by the direction of paper fiber arrangement. When the direction of paper fiber arrangement is perpendicular to the indentation tool line, the indentation effect is better.


(2) serious inequality. If there is serious pressure imbalance at the front and back or at the four corners of the moving platform, it is mainly caused by the height of the four connecting rods supporting the moving platform. At this point, the cover of the die cutting base should be opened to check whether the swing rod is worn. If the wear is serious, it should be replaced in time.

Ii. Detonation line (detonation color)

Wire breakage is the cracking of cardboard in a cardboard gift box at the indentation or folding. Blasting is a common problem during indentation, especially in dry weather. The phenomenon of detonation should be analyzed according to the specific situation.


(1) low moisture content cardboard, especially after high temperature polishing, is prone to wire burst when indentation. At this point, before the indentation should be first on the board humidification treatment, such as using the water machine on the back of the board water, increase its moisture content, so that it is more flexible. If the paper box in the paste box produced the phenomenon of line breaking, then in its indentation in the water treatment, to alleviate the phenomenon of line breaking.


(2) the surface is printed with a large area of blue or black paper box with dark field, which is prone to color explosion after indentation. For this reason, when printing packaging paper box, no or less ink additives should be added in the dark ink to enhance the adhesion of ink on the board surface, thereby reducing the phenomenon of color explosion.

(3) when the cardboard thickness is too large, it is also easy to produce the phenomenon of line burst. At this time, the height of the indentation steel wire should be adjusted to a reasonable state.


(4) the pad paper on the steel plate is too thick, which may also lead to wire burst. At this time, the pad paper should be reduced appropriately.


(5) excessive cutting pressure of die cutting machine. For this reason, the pressure of die - cutting should be reduced appropriately.


(6) the indentation mold or bottom mold is too thick, and the indentation is too narrow. At this point, the appropriate thickness of indentation should be selected, and the width of indentation moderate.


(7) excessive accumulation of paper powder in the groove. At this point, the paper powder or other foreign matter should be promptly cleaned.


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