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Why Printing Product Packaging Is Important Why Is Carton Printing Product Packaging Important To Businesses?
- May 26, 2018 -

How can you make your customers enjoy receiving your products and feel happy? The carton printing plant's exquisite packaging can open up a long way for you. A packaging plant market like Cheung Lee Printing can provide your company with amazing product packaging designs. Here you can go through your own design ideas or have us design your packaging. So why is packaging so important?

1. Build your brand

      Your customers have already purchased your product, but this does not mean that you need to stop buying products from them. How to package and display your product for shipping can be a powerful marketing tool, so don't consider it as an afterthought. As an online retailer, you want to focus on the overall customer experience.


      Do not simply package the product in a box. Instead, use your packaging as a way to further build your brand. According to the survey of related parties, only 11% of customers are completely satisfied with today's packaging. This is a lot of dissatisfaction. This opportunity gives you a chance to shine. If you're not careful, you may be able to stand out in the crowded e-commerce space and keep your customers returning.


2, pay attention to e-commerce business

      Just a few years ago, people were not used to buying things online. Of course, they may occasionally buy things that are not available locally, but e-commerce is only a small part of the overall economy. My times have changed.


Today, people are not afraid to buy anything online. People buy everything from groceries and toothpaste, such as computers and even cars. As long as you say a reasonable product in your life, you can buy it online.


      In 2015, US e-commerce sales reached 287 billion U.S. dollars. The rest of the world is not far behind. China’s sales amounted to US$247 billion; Japan’s US$76 billion and the United Kingdom’s nearly US$67 billion. This trend seems to be rising. Researchers from market research companies predict that global online sales will be close to US$2.4 trillion in 2017-2018.


      There are so many people who are turning to the internet and want to stand out and be remembered. For newly-purchased customers, the exquisite packaging made by the carton printer at the doorstep may be their first time seeing and feeling your product. It is an important way to cultivate brand loyalty.


3, use a suitable packaging for your customers

      Although people may appreciate a beautiful package, your customers will not be satisfied if your product packaging is damaged or difficult to open. Customers can be picky and if they find it annoying to open the package, they will not hesitate to leave a bad comment for your product or company.

In its 2016 E-Commerce Packaging Preference Survey, a company asked customers about the nasty or annoying packaging experience they found. Here's what they found:


55% of respondents said that the packaging is difficult to dismantle.

In second place is 19%, which is over-packaging.

13% of respondents indicated that the packaging was damaged (not actual items).

8% of people are plagued by non-recyclable materials.

4% do not like ugly packaging.


      The key problem that people see when they open packages is that they are difficult to open. It is not easy for people to easily get goods. No one wants to open a thick plastic package with a sharp knife, and this plastic package will not give in. People also don't understand that once they release their items, they have to get rid of all the packaging. Use your packaging to leave a lasting positive impression.


      As an online retailer, you may not have a physical storefront, but you still want to provide your customers with a personalized and rich experience, just as if they were shopping in a small store. In other words, you want them to feel special. You may have already done this through your website and other interactions, but don't forget an area that is often overlooked - the exquisite packaging printed by carton printers.


      If your packaging is beautifully displayed to display your goods for shipment, it will give customers a lasting impression - not only with your customers, but also with their friends, even through social media friends.


      At this point you may feel satisfied because you have already completed sales, but do not waste a golden opportunity. With beautiful and practical packaging, you can attract new customers and it is equally important to retain existing customers. The average spending of repeat customers is 67% more than that of the first consumer, so even those who have already shopped with you are still impressed.

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