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Will You Observe The Printed Signal Strip?
Jan 12, 2019

When printing, in the absence of proofs and customers, many Xiamen printing presses often adjust the amount of ink according to their own preferences and experience, which often does not control the quality of printed products.

Therefore, the printer captain should learn to observe the signal strip.

For example, if 80% of the dots on a signal strip in a certain area are stuck and the ink is heavy, this means that the amount of ink in the area is too large. If the amount of ink in the area is not reduced in time, the ink cannot be transferred in time, which will result in The ink is piled up until emulsification, and the ink color is inconsistent in the printed product, and the ink emulsification is also likely to cause the ink drying speed to decrease, the ink layer to become thick, and the printed matter to be sticky.

Conversely, if 100% of the dots on a signal strip in a certain area are false, it means that the amount of ink in this area is too small. As the printing speed increases, the amount of water increases, and the overall ink color of the printed product will be lighter.

In the printing process, the printing machine must always pay attention to the change of the signal bar, to ensure that the solid density on the signal bar is within the standard range, the gray balance is not color cast, 80% of the dots are not dead, and the printed product is qualified at this time. Samples.

In addition, in the printing process, the Guangdong packaging custom-made printing machine manager must also ensure the stability of the printing equipment speed, and compare with the sample proofs to find hidden dangers in time.

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